MVP Prototype in a Box

Working closely with your product vision to date, we use thorough research and a crisp, agile process to deliver a focused MVP prototype in just three weeks:

1. RESEARCH: Deep market & competitive analysis

Method: We compare your product offering to others in the target market and technology space,identify best paths for monetization and identify market trends to focus your vision to deliver an impactful MVP.
Deliverable: The Competitive Matrix, clarifying market and competitive risks/opportunities, and shaping the best product/market fit

2. IDENTIFY: Human-focused product strategy

Method: Using the market scope identified in the Competitive Matrix, interview the desired user classes and focus the MVP scope on the core problem the product will solve. Uncover themes of differentiation, risk and opportunity.
Deliverable: The Market/Product Brief identifying your target demo, user personas, the core problem you want to solve for them & focused solutions

3.SOLVE: Rapid product design ideation

Method: Using 20+ years experience in product development and Google Ventures’ Design Sprint Process, we quickly focus the offering and potential features, and narrow the product definition down to core use cases that will solve the problem and demonstrate the MVPs functionality.
Deliverable: The MVP Definition Brief, including user stories for the MVP, and wireframes and flow diagrams of the key use cases

4. DESIGN: Branding & visual design development

Method: Using direction acquired in the Competitive Analysis and Design Ideation processes, and research of available names/trademarks, we develop a product name, value proposition, visual brand and messaging guide for designing and marketing the product.
Deliverable: The Brand Brief, including logo, style guide and messaging

5. DELIVER: Full MVP Spec and Clickable Prototype

Method: We develop wireframes and responsive design comps for 5 key interfaces that – once approved – we turn into a clickable MVP prototype that can be shown on the target platform to demonstrate how the product will work once fully built. This can be tested with investors, focus groups and other potential users.
Deliverable: The MVP Prototype, demonstrating one or more user stories and a time/cost estimate for building the finished MVP