MySpace/American Idol – Idol Gives Back

igbCHALLENGE: Design a shareable MySpace app allowing members to donate to and collect donations for American Idol’s hugely successful annual charity campaign, “Idol Gives Back.” Launch it just 5 weeks after project kickoff.

APPROACH: Using OpenSocial API and architecture, develop user experience that capitalizes on MySpace members’ pride, content-sharing habits and competitive spirit. Design a portable, viral widget that can be copied from one MySpace profile to another, granting credit to the first user AND the second for any donations collected. Design a leaderboard to spur competition in fundraising. Work with a third-party vendor for a secure transaction engine.

RESULT: MySpace launched this app too close to the IGB telethon and it was inadequately marketed, so that approximately 45,000 users installed the widget. However, the client was extremely pleased with the final product.